The Deep Institute enters a new phase in which it may move on beyond pilot experiments with recreational and professional development courses, the new online institute will be open soon with non-degree courses and programs, probably by Fall of 2018, pending approval of the Educational Approval Program of the State of Wisconsin, at the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

The mission of the Deep Institute will integrate its institutional values of optimism, altruism and knowledge with its core commitments to depth, diversity, and action. Its values and commitments translate into two aims:

A. To provide Deep Education™, value creation, action, and programs that favor sustainable living, respect of the ecosystem, deep ecology, deep science, deep engineering, deep pharmacy, deep healing, deep law, deep psychology, deep culture, deep language learning, deep economy, deep philosophy, deep wisdom, and humanitarian goals, within the following Schools: (1) School of Deep Education; (2) School of Language and Cultures; (3) School of Life-Long Learning. A School of Humanitarian Studies is being planned.

B. To democratize and customize Deep Education to the diversity of aspirations of the students, providing online and hybrid, team-based instruction; with ubiquitous access to higher education in student-centered formats that provide maximum flexibility towards high quality degrees within a humanitarian and activist orientation.

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