Shanghai Seminar on Language Education Policy

March 27-30, 2013 

Shanghai International Studies University

2013 International Conference on Language Education Policy

Global Perspectives and Local Practice




March 27 - UW-Madison Shanghai Innovation Office

3:30 p.m. Welcome Reception with tea and snacks

UW-Madison Shanghai Innovation Office 


Director Neville Lam

Greetings from Seminar Organizers 

Professor Shen Qi and Dean Ronghui Zhao (Shanghai International Studies University); Professor Yu Liming and Professor Yang Feng (Jiaotong University); Professor Francois Victor Tochon, Professor Catherine Lilly, and Professor Aydin Bal (University of Wisconsin—Madison). 



Francois Victor Tochon, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA - Autonomy as Education Policy to Increase Program Effectiveness in Languages and Cultures  

WeiCheng Zou, East China Normal University, China - An Evaluative Study of the National English Standards for Senior High Schools (Trial out version) 

Liming YU Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Ming YAN Shanghai Institute of Technology

Language Education Policy: A Crucial Topic of Educational Linguistics

 Ronghui Zhao, Shanghai International Studies University, China -  A Use-Oriented Foreign Language System of China 
Yuangshan Chuang, Kun Shan University, Taiwan, China - English Language Education Policy: Adopting the Common European Framework in Taiwan
Manuel Fernández Cruz and José Gijon Puerta  University of Granada, Spain
Language Policies and Social Tensions in the Construction of a Multinational State: On Protecting and Using Catalan, Bask and Gaelic in Spain
Shirley O’Neill, University of Southern Queensland - Languages Education Policy Shift in the Multicultural Context of Australia
Catherine Lilly, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA - Literacy and Language Education Policy: A Comparative International Study  
Dr. Jianfang (Michelle) XIAO, Dr Zengjun FENG,  Guangdong University of Foreign Studies - Integrated English—A New Bilingual Teaching Model in Mainland China
Shen Qi, Shanghai International Studies University, China - Language Education and National Interest: A Comparative Project of Language Policy 
Aydın Bal, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA - The Intersection of Language Policy and Disability

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